Combined Technologies

OptimiLabs transforms data and cloud technology through an Artificial Intelligence (AI) design and deployment acceleration platform called Optimizr™. We accelerate at-scale modern machine learning, AI, and cloud-based ecosystems.  Optimizr™ combines hardware design, software orchestration, and cloud agility to drive down the cost of your IT operations.

Our staff and partners have helped to modernize the Cloud Compute industry from the ground up. OptimiLabs has tools and deep industry expertise to determine which compute platform should be used for which workload. Between Hybrid Cloud infrastructure, sensitive IP, power, and performance, we take the guesswork out of delivering world-class performance at the lowest cost point possible. Today’s virtualized and containerized compute workloads must be secure, stable, and meet stringent SLAs based on industry best practices. Networking, Storage, and Compute domains are all critical to this scope. Hybrid clouds require careful consideration when measuring which workloads need to be placed on specific platforms (GPU, CPU, ASIC-specific, etc.)

Consistent with cost concerns, the core for most of the OptimiLabs service components is Open Source.  Proprietary components can be integrated into an application while maintaining clear boundaries in order to avoid cross-contamination between proprietary and Open Source IP.