Digital Security



Legacy systems often include a disparate collection of “bolted on” security solutions, typically at very high cost and questionable efficacy.  In contrast, our system designs incorporate the most current and effective security available. Our development platform has several configurable security capabilities that allow for trusted boot infrastructures as well as secure end to end cryptographic data exchange between any trusted or untrusted party.  Depending upon the level of security needed, Optimizr can utilize a variety of  methods for tracking and monitoring security performance:

Zero Trust Runtime Environment

Secure Root-of-Trust

Created by the defense industry and Intel Corporation, this unique secure root of trust method is the world’s most secure and deterministic platform for Xeon processors.

Software Guard Extensions


By using cryptographic enclaves at the processor level, data can be guaranteed safe below the firmware and operating system.

Micro-Telemetry Inspection

By using the measurements of power and performance at the silicon, memory, storage and networking layers, powerful behavioral patterns can be collected, analyzed, stored and modeled for critical systems confidentiality and availability reporting.

Secure end-to-end crypto data orchestration.

Through our partner, DataNexus, we leverage the power of open-source policies and data orchestration automatically.

In addition to Optimizr and its profound security capabilities, we feature firmware attestation and monitoring tools and cutting edge anomaly detection for at scale workloads.